Design and construction of control and protection cabinets ranging from a simple pump start-up cabinet to a multi-pump cabinet, with variable speed drives and programmable logic controllers.

  • Management of tools such as Sofrel, Perax,…

  • Telemechanics…

  • Counting and regulation: 4-20mA height sensor, anemometer, temperature sensor, rain sensor…

  • Flow meters, ultrasonic probe

  • DMX

  • HV, LV and fiber optic cabling

The BELLE ENVIRONNEMENT group is equipped with a dedicated automation department.

Expert en automatisme en France et dans la Drôme par Belle Environnement
Spécialiste en automatisme en France et dans la Drôme


Professionnel en tuyauterie, robinetterie et serrurerie en France et dans la Drôme par Belle Environnement
  • Assembly of all types of piping BP, HP in steel, PVC, stainless steel, electro-welded HDPE…
  • Any diameter to fit your uses
  • Valves, flaps, suction cup, water hammer protection, motorized valve, wall valves…
  • Manual or automatic strainer, grinder…

  • Railings, ladders, ramps, supports, hatches…

The BELLE ENVIRONNEMENT group and its partners have the know-how to respond to all your projects, even custom ones.


  • According to your project, we can dimension your works.
  • Concrete structure in one piece or to be keyed

  • Pumping station, technical premises of fountain…

This method used by the BELLE ENVIRONNEMENT group guarantees the quality of the concrete used and a quick installation on site. The right-of-way is released as soon as possible.


Fontaine du square st Lambert en France réalisé par Belle Environnement expert en gestion des eaux
  • To accompany you on your projects we have a competent team of engineers, design technicians and draughtsmen.
  • Hydraulic design software (THERMEXCEL, ANSYS) for pressure loss calculations

  • DEPENCE 3D fountain design, programming and rendering software

  • 3D drawing software (SOLIDWORKS)

  • AUTOCAD software

  • Software to integrate your project into its environment

Each study is composed of a technical and financial offer accompanied by principle plans.