Our strength is our employees. Their health and safety are our priorities, with a single goal of zero accidents.

We believe that in order to effectively fight against these notions often invoked during an accident “chance, fate, destiny or bad luck”, training and regular awareness-raising among personnel are indispensable tools.

An accident can affect anyone, both our site teams and our office staff. We have customized our training and procedures with a multi-factorial approach so that they adapt to the diversity of our businesses.

The prevention measures implemented are adapted to each person’s qualifications and workstation. Protecting also means controlling the installation of signs.

Professionnel de la gestion des eaux en France et dans la drôme

Our 3 main fields of action on a daily basis are :


All newcomers, whatever their mission within the company, will follow a specific training for their workstation. At the beginning of any work site and at the arrival of any new companion, including a temporary worker, the site manager proceeds to the safety reception by notifying everyone of the general and specific safety instructions. This involves simple measures such as tidying up storage areas to limit the risk of falling objects and materials. These measures are recalled annually, during thematic meetings.


Each supervisor ensures that the personal protective equipment necessary for the work sites is worn by the employees. Protecting yourself also means adopting the right gestures and postures. The company is equipped with several means of handling to limit the carrying of heavy loads for example. Protecting also means controlling the installation of signs.

Specific training for each profession

Our staff is trained to work safely. For example, all our work managers have the Certificate of Ability to Drive in Safety. All of our site and design office personnel have undergone training for Authorization to Work Near Networks. Our automaticians and electricians have electrical clearance. Our site managers and workers hold the Certificate of Ability to Work in Confined Spaces. On site, in each team, there is at least one first aid worker.

In order to go further in our actions, an audit and consulting mission in terms of prevention of professional risks will be entrusted to a specialized firm.

Our staff is a reflection of us and we thank them for that. The rigor in the work passes by the organization: a clean and organized building site, it is a secure and well done building site.


Within the framework of the operations carried out nationally, we sometimes need to supplement our teams with temporary workers.
At the time of our building sites, and without that being asked explicitly in the regulation of the market, we take as a habit to select a workforce having need to be inserted in the society and in particular by the work.
In this context, instead of “classic” temporary workers, we aim to hire people insocial integration. We train them in the meticulous and goldsmith’s trade that the profession of fountain maker can represent.

The BELLE ENVIRONNEMENT Group, through its family values which have animated the company for more than 60 years, is distinguished by the societal values which determine its action with its employees. Indeed, the management islistening to its staff, from the execution to the management positions. Feedback meetings are frequently held to improve the quality of work and, above all, to improve working conditions for everyone.

So-called “relaxation” meetings are also frequent, with car races, meals and evenings to strengthen ties between employees and also with management. As proof, the “Turn Over” is insignificant. The reason for this is the desire to work in the long term and to see employees truly evolve within the company.

The well-being of the men and women of the BELLE ENVIRONNEMENT Group is essential. As proof, during the terrible health crisis linked to Covid-19, despite the short-time working measures, all the salaries were kept for all the employees in order to defend their purchasing power; so that they do not worry financially about the day after but only about their health and that of their relatives.


Because of our profession, which leads us to work daily with groups specialized in the reprocessing of waste, we have quickly acquired the culture of environmental respect for sustainable development.

The company, within the framework of the respect of values which are important to him to see immutable of the sustainable development, the respect of the environment, has just invested in clean vehicles with the acquisition of two vehiclesKANGOO RENAULT ZE with 100% electric energy.

All of our employees are active and willing participants in this environmental preservation process.

Prestataire de gestion des eaux responsable de l'environnement

We try to limit our waste production, but some is unavoidable. For these wastes we have identified recycling or recovery channels. Hazardous waste such as glue, solvents, etc. is placed in specific drums and collected for disposal by a specialized company.

The company’s policy is to use a maximum of biodegradable products. Other chemicals (e.g. chlorine) are stored on retention tanks. The agencies and all our site vehicles are equipped with 21-liter anti-pollution kits to contain any accidental spill. Our machines and trucks undergo annual anti-pollution controls and comply with the standards in force.

Within our company, there is a strong desire to respond to the concerns of our clients who are anxious to conduct a development policy that respects natural balances while improving the living environment, comfort and safety in daily life. We are committed to improving the quality of our work while motivating our employees, reinforcing safety on our sites with the ultimate goal of preserving and saving natural resources by limiting the impact on the environment.